11 Songs in 2 Days 

The last two days were a whirlwind. After not recording anything since 2008, it was a bit of a shock to the system to record 11 new songs in two days. Our good friend Greg Bieck brought us into his lovely studio with Chris Donohue on bass and Ken Lewis on drums/percussion and everything just worked from the first downbeat. Nearly everything was recorded in two takes or less, and after just two days we have 11 beautiful songs that sound nearly like a finished record. Over the next few weeks, we'll be… Read more

New Beginnings 

You might notice that things look a little different around here. It has been quite some time since we've had much to say, but our new record is finally (mostly) written and we hope to head into the studio this summer to knock it out. We appreciate you all hanging with us during the past few years and can't wait to share the new music with you as soon as it is ready.


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